NYTSL Annual Reception

Yesterday, Friday, March 2 was the Informal Reception at the New York Public Library
for Librarians, Information Professionals & Library School Students. For all of you who were there, I was great to see and meet you. Although, for all of you who missed it, I would highly recommand attending when you can. It was a great opportunity to meet up with your fellow students and network with various professional in the field. Personally, I meet a few Pratt students I did not know, see a few I did, and talked to many different professionals. There were not only Pratt students and staff, but also students and staff from Queens College, University of Michigan, CUNY, NYU, and St. Johns. In addition, there were members of ARLIS, VRA, and CAA. Further, there were people from the Morgan Library, Frick, NYPL, etc. So in all, it was a great time to chat, network, and meet people!

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