Networking 101

With conference season upon us (VRA starts next Tuesday, and ARLIS/NA in less than a month!) I thought it would be interesting to get different tips on networking . . .

  • Which strategies have you found to be positive in past experience?
  • What are some things to avoid when you are networking?
  • What’s the most beneficial outcome you’ve experienced from networking?

Please feel free to share your thoughts for the benefit of ArLiSNAP collective wisdom!


  1. An MBA intern @ Fitch suggested to have a professional namebadge made that clearly listed your name. OSU’s Fisher College of Business does this for their MBA students. The reason being is because many times the “name-badge-in-a-lanyard” is hard to read.

    He suggested getting one with a magnetic backing so that you don’t poke holes in your nice clothing.

    Here’s a site where you can custom make your own.

  2. I agree with Librarian Yellow Pages suggestion #5: Volunteer. If networking doesn’t come naturally for you, this is a good way to get started. Volunteering at the conference registration desk is the most efficient way to meet a lot of people. And it doesn’t require balancing a plate of food, a glass and a handshake. Committee work also opens lots of doors — sometimes gives you a good reason to chat with the ArLiS/NA board. :) Don’t forget the latest ArLiSNAP call for pub crawl volunteers.

  3. Also, in terms of networking, here is a post from one of my favorite blogs explaining the concept of Moo cards. I think Lee explains their relevance quite nicely, as well as other concepts related to building an online community and engaging users. Plus, I think Librarian Trading cards are another awesome way to tell a personal story!

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