ArLiSNAP Donation to the ARLIS/NA Conference Raffle!

Dear ArLiSNAPers,

I propose that our group participate in this year’s ARLIS/NA Conference raffle. I think that it would be a great way to show our support and involvement within the professional association. And for those of you that have been to a conference before, you know how much fun groups have in picking out and/or creating their donation items! If you’ve never been, here are details on how the raffle works.

Here is an excerpt from Liz Gentry, ARLIS/NA Fundraising Raffle Coordinator ‘s ARLIS-L email with more information on donations:

Once again, I’m asking all individuals and chapters to participate in the fundraising raffle by contributing items for the raffle. Proceeds will be
used to support the ARLIS Conference Speakers Fund. Gather any works of art, handicrafts, publications, jewelry, gift baskets/bags, weekend vacations, golf packages, airline tickets, gift cards, etc., the list can be endless, and donate to the 2007 ARLIS/NA Raffle. The donation form and instructions are online and awaiting your treasures.

Remember, if for some reason you can’t make it to Atlanta this year, you can still participate by donating and sending your donations to me at the address below. I will see that it makes it to the Exhibit Hall along with all of the other items.

Your donations, along with other ARLIS member and corporate donations to be raffled, will be displayed in the Photo Gallery (–link–) on the Conference Web site. This link should be up and running soon. Check it out and prepare to purchase your tickets to have a chance at winning that coveted prize.

So, ArLiSNAPers – this is our chance to be creative and really impress the rest of the organization! Do you knit, or take photographs, or create jewelry, or paint, or collage? We can either be creative and build a raffle entry around a theme, or simply donate individual items to be raffled separately. I would be happy to transport smaller donations to the conference if we arrange it in advance. Alternatively, if you send a larger item, it should probably be directed to Liz’s address:

Liz Gentry, ARLIS/NA Fundraising Raffle Coordinator
Booth Western Art Museum
501 Museum Drive
P. O. Box 3070
Cartersville, GA 30120


  1. Hey Sara,
    I think that’s a great idea. Let me know which way you’d like to proceed (i.e. proposing themes and voting on them, idea suggestions, etc) But I’m up for helping!

  2. Dido! I was thinking this morning how we could bring attention to ArLiSNAP through a donation.

    It would be nice if we could pool together to create a multi-faceted donation.

    I could easily make a small, themed triptych of photographs I’ve taken.

  3. At the Crossroads…Art & Librarianship

    Intersection: Art, Knowledge, and Librarianship

    Cardinal Directions: Art & Librarianship

    The Intersecting Iconographies of Art Librarianship

    –Just something that ties in with the conference theme I guess.

  4. Yeah, I was thinking about how to incorporate 21st century librarians (connotatively meaning that those librarians are tech savvy).

    What about the intersection of the unofficial tagline for ArLiSNAP – (Community, Innovation, and Empowerment for 21st Century Art Librarians)

  5. I think it should be multiple auction items that we present with a small written explanation of where we are communing from (i.e. explanation of the theme and what ArLiSNAP is).

    From there, if our piece is somewhat abstract, we can provide our own explanation for how it fits into community, innovation, and/or empowerment and somehow attach that to the item.

    Logistically, we would need to figure out how to get the items together and when/where to give them to Liz Gentry.

    Finally, we might want to consider how to display the items.

    Finally, Finally, if you already have your item and have the means to take a digital photograph, I can make a composite pic for the raffle’s Photo Gallery.

  6. Bryan, I am still going to donate something around the theme “community, innovation, and/or empowerment.” I am a bit swamped getting ready for the VRA conference raffle, so I’ll continue to brainstorm – but I’ll let the group know specifics of what I will donate by April 1st.

    Anyone else donating for this very cool fundraiser?

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