Ohio Valley Travel Award announcement

ARLIS/Ohio Valley is accepting applications from Chapter members for the $200 travel award towards attendance at this year’s national conference in Atlanta.
Interested chapter members should follow the application procedures outlined below and send to jane.carlin@uc.edu and amorris@toledomuseum.org as word attachments. by February 28 2007.


1. Submit a letter of application to the Travel Award Committee addressing any relevant award criteria and indicating how you will benefit from the meeting.
2. Include information regarding any available travel funding from your institution.
3. Please include a current resume

ARLIS Ohio Valley Travel Committee:
Jane Carlin, Senior Librarian, Design, Architecture, Art and Planning Library Anne Morris, Head Librarian, Toledo Museum of Art Library

Anne O. Morris
Head Librarian
Toledo Museum of Art
Box 1013
Toledo, OH 43697

tel: 419-254-5771, ext. 7379
fax: 419-254-5776
e-mail: amorris@toledomuseum.org


  1. Thanks Mmacken :-)

    I just read the announcement posted on ARLIS-L, and I wanted to just highlight how much of ArLiSNAP is a team effort — which is a central point of my presentation for New Voices 2.

    All levels of participation within ArLiSNAP (posting, commenting, verbally publicizing or through links, even lurking, etc.) strengthen ArLiSNAP’s position to be a useful tool and a catalyst for new thought within art librarianship.

    Everyone who participates, passively or actively, is making ArLiSNAP a success. Our aboutness page highlights individuals who have made ArLiSNAP a reality, and, specifically, Sara Carter & Megan Macken continually improve the ArLiSNAP site.

    Thanks to everyone who has made ArLiSNAP a success. May we continue to focus on community, innovation, and empowerment for 21st century art librarians.

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