“Nailing Down Bits: Digital Art and Intellectual Property” is the latestaddition to the Canadian Heritage Information Network’s (CHIN) IntellectualProperty Series. Authored by Richard Rinehart, Digital Media Director atthe Berkeley Art Museum, this unique publication breaks new ground byexploring the legal issues surrounding the emerging field of digital art inNorth America.

CHIN offers open access to both the HTML and PDF versions of thepublication through the CHIN Web site’s Intellectual Property section at

You can also listen to a short interview with the author in the CHIN Website’s Knowledge Exchange at

.An agency of the Department of Canadian Heritage, CHIN has for 35 yearsenabled Canada’s museums to engage Canadian and worldwide audiences throughthe use of innovative technologies.
To learn more about CHIN’s IntellectualProperty Series – a valuable resource for any heritage institution seekingto adequately protect and leverage the assets they hold in trust – visit

Source:Canadian Heritage Information Network(819) 994-1200 or 1 800 520-2446 (from Canada and the U.S.)

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