Buy a T-shirt, Fund an MLS Graduation!

Hello everyone,

My MLS graduation is coming up this August. I attend a distance program in Portland, OR through Emporia State University.

Unfortunately since we are a distance program, we have to
supply our own graduation! We can get re-embursed (up to $1500) for a certain things (venue, decorations, keynote speaker).

However it won’t cover everything (refreshments, cap and gown, etc) and frankly events are not cheap! There are only 30 some students in our class so we are having to pay a lot of out of pocket money.

This is the link to help make our graduation not too crappy. There is merchandise from cafe press plus a button to give $$$ through Paypal.

Please check it out and maybe buy a funny t-shirt to help us make a graduation to remember!

Sorry about the shameless plug but we really need some help!


jennifer whitlock

MLS Candidate
Emporia State University

Library Assistant
Portland Art Museum

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