Meeting of Art Librarians on Second Life

The Alliance Library System of Illinois has developed an extremely
innovative presence in the virtual world known as Second Life .  Alliance and their sponsors are very generously
making virtual space available for a number of library organizations
and individual librarians to work/play at imagining the future of
library services.

Some colleagues and I have claimed a spot for art librarians to
meet.  We invite you to get together with us and brainstorm.  This is
an opportunity to develop arts-related services and events within
Second Life, as well as to explore the potential of the gaming
environment as an element of library service.

Details are below.  Hope your avatar will be able to make the first
meet-up, in-world at 9:00 a.m. PST, on Monday, February 5th.

Best regards,

Rookie Voyager

a.k.a. Claire Eike, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Welcome, art librarians of Second Life!

Librarians (and wanna-be’s) for the arts, architecture, and design:

meet-up in SL

every Monday at 9:00 a.m. SL time (PST)

starting February 5, 2007.

Everyone is welcome — just show up.

Talis Cybrary City (221,166,24)

Feel free to contact Rookie Voyager if you have questions or
in SL, just IM Rookie
outside of SL, e-mail


  1. Bryan, Megan,

    Just wanted to tell you that ArLiSNAP rocks.

    Thanks for sharing the comments about the SL meet-up. Once this group gets going it will, of course, drive itself — as everything in SL seems to do.

    Internally, my staff and i have been talking about some ideas. The most interesting (IMHO) so far are:

    * Using SL as a mentoring medium for new professionals in our field

    * Finding art, architecture, design that really utilizes the medium of SL as part of the creative process (for example: machinima, or installations such as Adam Ramona’s Garden of Immersive Sound)

    There is also a broader discussion that seems to be blooming in the library regions of Second Life about what we can do as librarians that utilizes the full potential of SL, rather than just re-create what we already know/do/offer in RL.

    I’ll look forward to meeting you both in-world next Monday.




    Claire Eike
    Director, The John M. Flaxman Library
    The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
    37 South Wabash Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois 60603-3103
    312-629-9379 voice
    312-899-1465 fax

  2. I visited SL for the first time this morning and got lost! I really enjoyed flying and choosing my avatar’s name, but I couldn’t find anyone in cybrary city. I didn’t have much time to read the help, but I’d love to hear about what I missed and how everyone found each other.

    Ok, this meeting was at 9am Pacific Standard Time–I was a few hours early!

    Til next time,
    Magda Perfferle (just rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?)

  3. I could only stay for a little bit, but it seemed very informative. Librarians talked about various projects and cool places to go in SL. Some librarians shared their SL “bookmarks” with everyone. I look forward to next week’s meeting (esp. now that I actually know how to sit down!)

    Thanks Claire for welcoming everyone (and your help ;-) – see above).


    Bryan (Cesare Janus)

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