Dark Days of DRM?

A recent article in Wired (“Public Libraries, Private DRM” – go here) talks briefly about the OverDrive Media Console and its lack of multi-platform support (e.g. iPods). 

It will be interesting to see the effects of Digital Rights Management (DRM) within art libraries.  Libraries who subscribe to ARTstor are quite familiar with the limitations of ARTstor’s proprietary image viewer (especially in those cases where other, more flexible alternatives are available). 

As convenience, disagregation, and broadband connections increase within our information-based society, the video collections of some art libraries may be replaced with on-demand video (hey, I’d love to get Art21 electronically delivered to my house with a couple of clicks).  Yet, if the information is not made convenient and simple to obtain, will our patrons bother?  Should we expect them to?


  1. I really love Wired–it’s a fun way to keep up with new technology and other things going on in our world. Indiana University Libraries subscribed to or tested a resource that delivered digital video, but now I can’t find it. If anyone affiliated with IU remembers what it was, please let me know! I’ll keep looking in the meantime.

  2. OK, so the comment above is obviously spam. This comment is not from an identifiable person, and when you click on the person’s name you’re brought to another blog.

    So, I reviewed the information and it seemed relevant. Thus, my question becomes is it really spam?

  3. As far as I can tell, the comment was generated (perhaps automatically?) when they referenced our blog post under the hyperlink “the evil that DRM is doing” in their blog post. I don’t believe that the original ArLiSNAP post was referencing anything necessarily ‘evil’ . . . DRM is definitely an issue for a variety of people, including those in the music industry as well as image managers.

  4. This is very bizarre–maybe Arlisnap is one of the first results on a search for DRM. If you want to read about Steve Jobs’ comments, I would recommend this BBC article. We can mark that comment as spam and get rid of it, if anyone wants to. While it may be somewhat relevant, I guess I didn’t find it very informative or insightful.

  5. [in my best Yoda voice] mmm…removed it has been. Curious it still is. [/end Yoda voice here]

    So, interestingly, it did not show up as a comment but as a pingback. hmmm…

  6. I bet that post was from me! Well, it was just a pingback, I had no intention of spamming anyone. Then again, there is a link to my site here in this comment, so perhaps I do!

    My intentions are benign, and I wish y’all the best of luck.

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