Personal is the Professional is the Personal

Rachel at The Liminal Librarian wrote a post titled Think Personally, Act Professionally, which addresses the important issue of how what we write online in our personal lives may affect our professional lives. This is something that many of us will face as we begin our careers, especially in this age of freely available personal content on the internet.

She also points out that several other librarians have been considering issues of balance between the personal and professional commitments, which leads to the question, “How in the world do we avoid burnout?!”

These are great issues to address at the Backpack to Briefcase session in Atlanta.


  1. The New Members Round Table (NMRT) also tackled the issue of balance at this year’s annual ALA conference. For information and resources through ALA on this subject go here.

    Unfortunately, I missed it because I was busy with other obligations (which is somewhat ironic).

  2. On a related note, I have seen a lot of personal emails recently that were sent to mailing lists by mistake. Not a good combo of personal and professional! This could be a career-threatening mistake! I just read one today that made me cringe–very humiliating for the sender. One way to prevent this, at least on the Microsoft Entourage email application, is to use the Mailing List Manager under Tools. In the Advanced options, When Replying, Override Default Reply Behavior, and Always Reply to the Sender’s Address. This probably isn’t foolproof, but it might save you if you forget to double check the recipient of your scathing email critique of your well-known colleague… (or just don’t send that email in the first place!) Here’s the Mac how-to:

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