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A site worth 70 million words
A major portion of the photographic collections of the Los Angeles Public Library are now accessible online and sometimes downloadable for free. The website’s popularity has transformed Curator of Photographs Carolyn Kozo Cole and her staff into tastemakers, responsible for anticipating what kinds of images the public wants and for offering their own selections for what makes Los Angeles L.A. They carefully choose images to add to the database, which today includes about 70,000 photographs and is growing by 250–300 images a week….
Los Angeles Times, Oct. 22

Pimp My Bookcart contest
Send in photos (front, back, and sides) of your customized, augmented, or otherwise “pimped out” book cart to win gift certificates from the Overdue Media Store. The contest was inspired by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum’s Unshelved comic strip sequence that began September 29. The deadline is January 15….
Overdue Media, Oct. 24

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  1. If only I still owned a book cart, or worked in a library with books… It would be so lovely if we had some beautifully pimped book carts on our flickr page.

  2. Sweet!! You know, I’ve been looking for a fun team-building activity for my student employees at the FAL. I think this is just the thing – we’ll have an “internal” art-themed contest and then submit the entries to ALA too! I’ll be sure to post pics to the ArLiSNAP Flickr Group . . .

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