Midwest Art History Society Annual Meeting and Call for Papers


The Midwest Art History Society (MAHS)annual conference, which will be held in Indianapolis March 28-31, 2007. Information about the conference and the full call for papers are posted on the MAHS website: www.mahsonline.org

Click on Upcoming Meeting; click on Call for Papers.

We also wanted to let you know about the following session of
particular relevance to your organization.

Technology and Art History
New technology is changing the way art historians prepare their classes
each day. Does it also change the content of those classes? Does it change what or how
students learn? How does technology change art historical research? Or
art itself? Does art history ever cause technological change? Papers touching on any aspect of the relationship between art history and technology are encouraged,
including but not limited to questions of pedagogy, resource allocation, theoretical concerns, or technology within art. Please send abstracts via e-mail attachment to:

Sonja Staum
Herron Art Library
Herron School of Art and Design / IUPUI
735 W. New York St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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  1. I’ve heard this is a great opportunity for those new to giving papers and attending conferences. Indianapolis is also an easily accessible location. This is a particularly relevant topic for emerging art librarians and visual resources professionals who won’t be attending the VRA Annual Conference in Kansas City.

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