ArLiSNAP now has its own del.icio.us page for all of our favorite links: http://del.icio.us/arlisnap

To suggest a link for del.icio.us/arlisnap, first register at del.icio.us, then save/post your link, and then tag it as for:arlisnap.

Instructions from del.icio.us:

If the person is already part of your network, you can click that for:username tag provided for you when saving a bookmark, and the bookmark will show up on their links for you page. You can also type in for:username (helpful if the person isn’t already part of your network) and the link will be sent to that person. Learn more about your network. You can tag both private (“not shared”) and public bookmarks with for:username and it’ll work.

Comments and questions are welcome, as always!


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