ARTiFACTS, new student group at UCLA

We are pleased to officially announce ARTiFACTS, a new Library and Information Studies student group at UCLA.

ARTiFACTS shall promote the social and professional growth of its members and support the Department of Information Studies at UCLA. It will provide students at UCLA with the opportunity to explore information issues relating to collections of or about the visual and performing arts, and artifacts of material culture. It will encourage professional networking within the fields of museum informatics, visual resources, and arts librarianship, and will actively promote involvement in professional activities beyond the classroom through lectures, workshops, visits to local collections, special events, and liaison with regional and national associations such as the Art Libraries Society of North America, the Visual Resources Association, the American Association of Museums, the Museum Computer Network, and the College Art Association.


Sarah Sherman & Chizu Morihara (Co-founding presidents, 2nd year MLIS students)


Professor Jonathan Furner (Faculty Advisor)


  1. This is quite positive to see. I would like to establish a student organization like your at Pratt. Since Pratt is the first MLS program to have a Museum Libraries Certificate, it would be functional to have something the student could engage themselves in, ex. networking, discussions, trips, lecturers, etc with people in the field. I thought a student chapter of ARLIS/NA, ARLIS-NY, or something of this nature would be a fruitful endeavor.



  2. Hi Nicholas,

    I glad to hear that you are thinking about forming a student group. Our intent is pretty much what you describe your intent to be. We have a “board”, co-presidents, vice-pres (which is for a 1st year student so they can take over when the 2nd year Pres. graduates), and a treasurer position.

    We had a panel discussion with local art-related professionals. It was a great event. And we are planning some tours of local libraries. We are aiming for at least one “event” a quarter. Another idea was to form a journal discussion group…to read an article with a relevant topic and have a discussion amongst ourselves or bring in a professional for sort of a brown bag lunch discussion. But not sure if we can pull it off this year.

    We encourage students to join the local chapter of ARLIS. In our case that’s ARLIS/SC the Southern California chapter. ARLIS doesn’t seem to support student chapters in a formal way, like some other Library Associations. That is also why we have a broader focus to include visual resources as well as librarianship and various different professional organizations.

    Good luck and keep us posted!


  3. Hello Sarah,

    Indeed, thank you for your responce. It sounds like you have a mnay great things going on. I was thinking along the same lines. Yes, ARLIS is not that support of forming a student chapter, as I am going to find out. I did not know why this is, when you have other student chapters of say the ALA. So, it seems like I will try to do what you did. That would be branch out and engage the many different groups and organizations that are related to art and museum librarianship.

    Thank you again and I will,


    ps- please e-mail for further discussion…

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