New Voices 2: ARLIS/NA Annual Conference, Atlanta 2007

New Voices 2: Atlanta 2007
Organizer/Moderator: Sarah Falls

New Voices 2 showcases exceptional academic work by students and new professionals (under 5 years post MLS), including the Gerd Muesham award winning paper. For some of our participants, this may be a first-time opportunity to present their work at a professional conference. Veteran ARLIS members will have exposure to the sorts of issues that are being examined in library programs. This year, we have a range of topics, covering art and visual resources librarianship, new technologies that affect both and how these technologies can be utilized to direct ARLIS-NA as an organization, into the future.

1. Bryan Loar
MLIS, 2006
Kent State University
New Forms of Communication: Harnessing Collective Knowledge Through Web Logs

2. John Bowman
MLIS, 2006
University of British Columbia
Communities of Practice in the Visual Disciplines and on the Web 2.0

3. Claudia Dold and James Ascher
MLS Candidates
University of South Florida
Unlocking the stories of serendipitous cultural object collections with digital libraries

4. Claire Dannenbaum
MLIS, 2006
University of British Columbia
Working title: Integrating visual resources into library catalogues

5. Gerd Muesham Award winner


  1. The ARLIS/NA conference info is available at For particular details, look here. Much of the site is awaiting content, but you can get details about the location, date, and organizers.

    All three of the panels listed on the left-hand side of ArLiSNAP (Backpack to Briefcase, Hot Topics, and New Voices 2) will be presented at this conference. Check it out!

  2. All,

    If you can’t make it to the conference or my presentation “New Forms of Communication: Harnessing Collective Knowledge through Web Logs,” I have loaded my final draft* of my PPT to my server.

    To access it, go here

    Any suggestions for improvement at anytime would be gladly accepted anytiime. :-)

    *The draft may change by the time of presentation. I plan to have the final presentation loaded and linked from my homepage by Sunday evening.

    ***Note the draft has now been replaced by the final & will probably be replaced again when I do a voice over – BSL May 2, 2007***

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