Hot Topics Session in Atlanta, 2007

The proposal for a “Hot Topics” session at the Atlanta conference has been accepted!

The session, which came out of discussion between members of the Student Affairs Discussion Group and the Academic Division, is intended to provide a forum for open discussion on pressing and up-to-date issues in art librarianship. At the top of the list is the topic of emerging technologies–what they are, and how people are using them.

While this session will largely be guided by the participants, planning over the next several months will help to shape the topics for discussion and some aspects of the format. I hope to be able to share some specific ways in which people can get involved in the near future…!


  1. I confess: I am totally ignorant about what AJAX is and how it works. But look what pretty things it can do at Pageflakes. How can libraries harness this for their users? What kind of personalized research pages could we offer users with this technology?

  2. There’s a very good and very professional summary of Web 2.0 here on YouTube. It was created by Michael Wesch of Kansas
    State University, and it was mentioned in the latest American Libraries Direct.

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