Fulbright Senior Specialist Program (something to look forward to)

Fulbright Senior Specialist Program

Librarians who apply and are selected are placed in a pool from which one
is picked to serve as senior specialists in institutions outside US for
a shorter period of time (2-6 weeks) than a traditional Fulbright Scholar
>From the site:

The Fulbright Senior Specialists Program is designed to provide short-term
academic opportunities (two to six weeks) for U.S. faculty and
professionals. Shorter grant lengths give specialists greater flexibility
to pursue a grant that works best with their current academic or
professional commitments. Specialists roster candidates are limited to one
Specialists grant per calendar year. Applications for the Fulbright Senior
Specialists Program are accepted on a rolling basis, and peer review of
applications is conducted eight times per year.

Program Goals

To increase the participation of leading U.S. scholars and professionals
in Fulbright academic exchanges

To encourage new activities that go beyond the traditional Fulbright
activities of lecturing and research

To promote increased connections between U.S. and non-U.S. post-secondary
academic institutions

US citizenship required.

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