Coordinator of Intellectual Property and Visual Image Cataloger: Chantilly, VA

Visual Image Cataloger
Do you have a passion for images, and would you like the opportunity to learn or improve your cataloging skills? We are a well-established leader in educational publishing seeking an intelligent, highly motivated, cataloger. This is a unique opportunity to enrich your own life.

You will be exposed to art, history, music, philosophy, religion, and more by the greatest professors in the nation. We are seeking an enthusiastic candidate who enjoys the process of achieving order and organization. Responsible for accurately cataloguing images using a FileMaker Pro database. Background of working with FileMaker Pro and / or images preferred. Candidate should be detail-oriented, organized, and exhibit a good aesthetic sense.

Required: Dedication to project and to accuracy

Our office is located in Chantilly, VA (Northern VA/DC Metro area).
Send cover letter with salary history/requirements and resume to:
Fax 703-378-3822

Coordinator of Intellectual Property
Responsible for researching, finding, acquiring (including copyright clearance), and inventorying materials (such as photographs, maps, charts, music and text rights etc.) for use in production of videotaped courses as well as marketing materials. The Coordinator of Intellectual Property will be a member of the Development and Production Team and will work under the supervision of the Director of Intellectual Property to assist producers throughout the entire video production process. The Coordinator may also work with other departments requesting research and acquisition, including the Marketing Department.

The Coordinator of Intellectual Property must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) in liberal arts (Art History, Literature, History, Library Services, etc.) or Fine Arts. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of one (1) year of direct experience in the fields of rights research/acquisition and copyright clearance or work experience in an archive or image library. Familiarity with graphics software (Adobe PhotoShop) and hardware (slide scanner, flatbed/transmissive scanner, copystand, and digital camera) and the ability to use basic office software applications (FileMaker Pro, Word, Excel, etc.) is required. Fluency in a foreign language considered a plus. Candidate should also possess the following skills: excellent communication skills, negotiating skills, and a good aesthetic sense. Candidate should be detail-oriented, organized, and a good team player who takes initiative, works well under tight deadlines, and is able to multitask.

Specific responsibilities:

Identify, locate, and acquire materials from major archival/copyright houses, the Library of Congress and National Archives, and a variety of national and international museums. Establish best terms for an ongoing business relationship while maintaining image budget restrictions.

Maintain a FileMaker Pro database for tracking all images to and from the image sources.

Work closely with producers to acquire appropriate materials for video courses and marketing materials.

Assist the Marketing Art Director in acquisition of visual images for the use in print media and negotiate rates within budgetary restrictions.

Manage the copyright clearance process, ensuring that TTC is always in compliance, for both videotape production and marketing purposes. Includes administrative duties to track permissions, license agreements, and acquire credit lines for images.

Meet tight production deadlines for both video production and marketing materials release dates.

Send cover letter with salary requirements; resume via-email to
fax 703-378-3822
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