1. Sure thing!

    While there is no real “Art Librarian” track at Catholic University, many students here are interested in careers in art libraries. For the past two years, Catholic has offered a course during the summer entitled “Art and Museum Libraries”. The class has an unusual format that consists largely of site visits to area museums and their libraries. Students meet with staff to hear about the issues and procedures at each library, and take tours of the facilities. It’s a great way to get exposure to the wide variety of museum libraries in the DC area. We saw everything from the National Gallery library to a volunteer-run historical society that operates out of a house museum. The whole class was a wonderful way to explore the different types of museum libraries that are out there, and a great way to network with future colleagues!

  2. That sounds really fun! Is the course open to non-Catholic University students? Or, were there many non-traditional students in your course, maybe those taking the course for professional development?

  3. We did have one non-Catholic U. student this past summer, but I think the course tends to fill up quite quickly with enrolled students. The numbers have to be kept low so that the group can be accommodated at site visits, so it’s rather competitive when registration opens!

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