ASPP launches its Mentoring Program for Students


October 2006
Alexandria, Virginia

ASPP launches its Mentoring Program for Students

On October 24th and October 25th ASPP is launching its Mentoring Program through its chapters in Washington D.C. and Chicago respectively.

The program which is entitled “Expose Yourself to Careers in the Photo and Visual Media Industry”, is aimed at students who are looking for a career as an image professional. ASPP members represent a true cross section of the image industry, whose jobs specialties include photo research, editing, licensing, creating, archiving, publishing, as well as photography itself. The concept of this mentoring program was born earlier this year when the board considered a new way to fulfill ASPP’s mission of sharing our knowledge through education.

Christina Vaughan, founder and CEO of Image Source enthusiastically endorsed this educational idea and provided the seed sponsorship money for the program. “Image Source is proud to support the ASPP’s Mentoring Program. We have long believed that a commitment to educating others about photography is crucial to ensure fresh, new talent continually enters the industry, and Image Source is happy to bear a responsibility for this. The ASPP’s Mentoring Program, combined with on-going learning and skills development, provides a positive and healthy foundation for the future. “

Other sponsors in both Washington D.C. and Chicago who are supporting this program include Getty Images, Corbis, Discovery Channel, Jupiter Images, Punch Stock and Panoramic Images. The events will feature a panel of ASPP members who can speak of their experience working in stock agencies, publishing companies and magazines, photo studios, stylists, image licensing, et al. In Chicago the students will hear speakers from Jupiter Images, Scott Foresman, Virtu, and Feldman and Associates. In Washington D.C. panelists will be from Discovery, National Geographic Image Sales, The Washington Post, SEIU, and the Washingtonian Magazine.

The event in Washington D.C. will be hosted at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, while the program in Chicago will be at Columbia College. For more information on either of these programs, please visit the ASPP website and look in the individual Chapter pages at

ASPP Executive Director, Cathy D-P Sachs, is very excited about this program. “I have always known that our ASPP members are special, but this is a wonderful opportunity for them to shine and share their knowledge. In addition this program can so easily be replicated in each of our chapter areas.”

ASPP is a community of image experts committed to sharing their experience and knowledge throughout the industry. This non-profit association provides professional networking and educational opportunities for those who create, edit, research, license, manage or publish pictures. For more information go to or contact the Executive Director Cathy Sachs at .

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