UCLA "ARLIS" student group seeking information

Dear fellow ARLIS students,

There’s a small contingent of MLIS students at UCLA who are interested in art librarianship.  Currently, our department does not have an official art librarian student group however we’ve informally gathered for organized tours of art libraries and meetings with art librarians. Our hope is to continue to visit libraries, organize events and reach out to more art librarians working in Southern California in the hopes of becoming a more “official” student group.

Which brings us to reach out to other fellow students involved with ARLIS. We would like to get acquainted with current student groups and to let you know that we exist too!

We are also curious to learn about your groups in general and find about your past, present and future events and activities.

How directly you are involved with ARLIS/NA? And if you are, what those involvements are or have been? We’ve heard that ARLIS doesn’t officially have student chapters like other professional organizations such ALA, SLA, etc. And wondering what the reason behind that is?

In the interest of possibly naming our group and possibly starting our own website, what are your groups’ names and websites (if applicable)? We are familiar with the AMLISS at Chapel Hill and the new ArLISNAP website. And we are also familiar with the website of The Student Affairs Discussion Group of ARLIS-NA based out of Richmond.

And we would like to see if anyone has any insightful suggestions and lessons learned from starting up a group at your university.

We would greatly appreciate hearing any word of wisdom you have to share and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Sarah Sherman and Chizu Morihara

2nd MLIS Students, UCLA


Originally posted on the ARLIS/NA-Student listserv on Sept. 13, 2006.  Reposted here with permission from Sarah Sherman.

One comment:

  1. I was part of C/ALSSO @ KSU, and I found that the club’s organizers had a hard time with recruitment and maintaining attendance levels.  Now this may be because we were at a permanent satellite campus in
    Columbus, but I think this may be a problem for many grad students who are working as they go to school. 

    In my experience, universities typically have money set aside for student groups.  Usually it is a matter of writing a compelling grant proposal that highlights the unique perspectives of the group and why it would be mutually beneficial for the university to award the grant to the particular group. 

    Also, I think having an anchor to the group is vital.  Having the support of at leas one faculty member is crucial.  This is because groups have turnover–people graduate and move on.  A supportive faculty member will give the group access to the professor’s extended network which may help with organizing library visits, etc. 

    Finally, I know I already posted this on the ARLIS-Student listserv, but you might consider Southern California Art Library Students (SoCALS).  SoCal is a popular term, and http://www.socal.org is available ($6 through 1and1.com — man, I should be getting a cut from these guys ;-) 

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