Backpack to Briefcase: Preparing for Life after Library School

Please join us at the ARLIS/NA 35th Annual Conference, April 26 – 30, 2007, in Atlanta, Georgia.

This AskARLIS session is a forum for the exchange of candid observations and collective wisdom between young and experienced librarians. Speakers will address topics relevant to both students and new professionals, such as discovering the hidden job market, translating theory to professional practice, professional development, and promotion and tenure. The Society’s seasoned professionals will have the opportunity to offer advice to the younger generation as well as gain insight into the concerns of new professionals.

Please share below the topics, questions or concerns that you’d like us to address at this session. (If you have more immediate concerns, please post them to the blog.)


  • Alessia Zanin-Yost will speak on preparing for the profession.
  • Heather Ball will speak on theory vs. practice.
  • Kristen Meyer will speak on the hidden job market.
  • Leslie Kott Wakeford will speak on professional development.
  • Tony White will speak on promotion and tenure.


  • Sarah Carter

Organized by Sarah Carter and Megan Macken with the assistance of Kristen Meyer, Marilyn Ramen, and Alessia Zanin-Yost.


  1. I think it would be important to address the education, experience, and specific skill set potential art libraries are looking for as they conduct a search. A discussion that will draw information from those who have served on search committees on what type of experience is most applicable to the positions would be useful information. What makes a candidate stand out more than others, and what are some examples of a candidate that has made a favorable impression on a search committee?

  2. It would also be nice to discuss the education aspect in terms of “thesis/non-thesis” tracks for both the library science end and the art history end. Discussion of options for students with the M.L.S. who are looking for assistantships in art libraries at the institutions they want to get their MA at, and if such options exist, would also be helpful.

  3. I’ve heard quite a few questions about compensation for art information professionals arise lately. What should we include in our panel if we have time to devote to salary-related questions?

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