Alright, a few things about the video.

  1. It is just a mock-up–anything & everything can easily be changed.
  2. In no way am I endorsing the name SNAP or a domain name change. I’m just showing what could be.
  3. The images I used were from our Flickr group. Many of those images are under copyright. I will contact the owners for permission. However, in the meantime, if you see this and do not want your images used, please let me know (bryan [at]


  1. We are definitely branded now! The video is great, although maybe if the music was composed entirely of snapping it would be better. :)

    I think displaying our names on the aboutness page is probably sufficient. The credits could probably include only the music and the video creator, if that could be changed. Then those who have made posts and comments about the creation of the blog can be listed as part of the committee on the aboutness page. And, maybe one fewer picture of me?

  2. WOW! Love it! The only thing I would suggest is maybe a different picture for when you switch from photos to words… the dark red picture has some shadows that sometimes makes it difficult to read the black lettering….. but I love it- thanks for all the hard work you all put into it!

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