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I was talking to one of my colleagues yesterday, the electronic resources librarian in the public services department of my Library. She’s a young librarian (out of school for more than three years, though), but very knowledgeable and experienced. She’s very active in ARLIS, especially the local New York chapter.

Two things came up.

One, she said that this project is definitely the type of thing that warrents some grant money, or other funding. So, I’m feeling like Sara’s application on the group’s behalf has a good chance.

Two, I casually asked her if she would want to be the Student Discussion Group’s liaison, and she casually said yes. Obviously the group would have to make a more formal application, and she would need time to think about the committment and make a more formal acceptance. So what do you guy’s think?

In the meantime, I am forwarding her the information about the discussion group and this blog. She’s going to submit a notice about the discussion group to the ARLIS/NY Web site. We also might want to submit some information to ALA, especially once the Web site/blog is more established and up and running.



  1. Well, on liaisons, discussion groups don’t really have them. I think maybe this is the time to ask–should this be a disc. group (i.e. more informal) or a roundtable. All it takes to be a roundtable is 100 signatures. It’s a thought…but even at that, don’t start adding a lot of “positions.” That sort of hierarchy just gets cumbersome. Sorry, but we’re working to break this stuff down in ARLIS, not build it up!

  2. Good point, Sarah (sorry about earlier misspelled name – I’ve seen your name both ways). I was picking up on the liaison thing from one of the reponses in the survey (“there is no voice of experience — it would be good to have some liaisons who dropped in to offer a voice of guidance/authority… ‘). But I guess I picked it up and ran with it a little too soon. Needless to say, if it is a path that the group takes, there is interest.

    I really don’t understand the rolls of discussion groups, roundtables, and so forth. Can you suggest somewhere I can look to find out more about the distinctions? I’ll check out the ARLIS and ALA Web site. Thanks.

  3. First, as a tiny sidenote – I (Sara[h] Carter) spell my name with and w/out the “h” on it, so sorry for the confusion with other Sara(h)s. I set my wordpress account to display my name as Carter from now on.

    Jacqueline had good ideas about at least getting us a voice on these issues in the ARLIS board. Spreading the word to all levels of ARLIS about our collective endeavors isn’t a bad idea!
    I did submit the funding application for the special projects requests for next year’s budget. This money would probably take another six months to get to us, so I also sent a request to Ann Whiteside requesting support.

    The current treasurer did say that she does not recall discussion groups requesting funds this way, and indeed, the application did not list discussion groups as an option on it. I think that we still have a very strong chance of getting funding in some way – I guess I just personally have a lot of faith in the leadership in ARLIS/NA giving students and new professionals serious support in the future.

    Some people had also previously discussed the merits of becoming a roundtable, etc. This very small, short-lived discussion ended with no action because we couldn’t clearly see how being a roundtable would give us more benefits (perhaps because of the organizational chart Megan pointed out). However, given that discussion groups may not be as funded in the current structure we could revisit this topic. I think 100 signatures would be a cakewalk at this point!! Let’s take it up on the listserv . . .

  4. Hey, sorry, just coming back to this, but the distinction in group types is a big issue right now. most people don’t know 1) what they are and 2) what they are supposed to do. Hold tight my friends, restructuring is coming…

  5. I thought I would update the group about our special funding application which was submitted in July. The ARLIS Student Affairs Discussion Group has received notification about its request for webspace. The ARLIS board will not grant our funding request since it is investigating options to provide a web content management system for its members.

    Over the past few months Megan and I have been in contact with the ARLIS/NA President, Ann Whiteside, who is very supportive of our project. Also, Fran Scott, ARLIS/NA Treasurer writes that the board “was pleased to learn of the blog released this fall . . . What a wonderful resource! The entire board congratulates [ArLiSNAP] on this great start and looks forward to possibly assisting future collaborations.”

    We’ll be sure to let the group know when we have another development on this front!!

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